Tamina was featured in this weeks episode of Total Divas. She was seen hanging out with Naomi and backstage interviewer, Dasha Fuentes, helping Naomi find a house in Atlanta. See the clip below, along with pictures taken from the episode below.

Tamina Snuka attended a WWE RAW live event Wednesday night in Cologne, Germany. She tagged with Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan in a Six-Woman Tag Team Match. The results from the live event can be read below.

-Elias opened the show with a concert, but he was interrupted by Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, and Tamina Snuka, which led to a match.

1. Six-Woman Tag Team Match
Dana Brooke, Ember Moon, and Sasha Banks defeated Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, and Tamina

Tamina Snuka attended a WWE RAW live event Tuesday night in Leeds, England. She tagged with Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan in a Six-Woman Tag Team Match. The results from the live event can be read below.

-Elias opened the show with a concert, but he was interrupted by Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, and Tamina Snuka, which led to a match.

1. Six-Woman Tag Team Match
Dana Brooke, Ember Moon, and Sasha Banks defeated Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, and Tamina

Match Number Five: Ember Moon versus Nia Jax

Nia with a hip toss and she tries for a slam but Ember gets to her feet and Ember with kicks. Nia sends Ember to the floor and Ember kicks Nia when she returns to the ring. Ember with a drop kick. Ember with a handspring forearm into the corner. Ember with a cross body and she bounces off Nia. Nia with a splash into the corner followed by a biel and another splash. Nia tosses Ember around the ring. Nia gets a near fall.

Nia with a cobra clutch. Ember with elbows to escape and Ember goes for a rollup but Nia picks Ember up. Ember with kicks but Nia with a head butt and Ember goes down. Nia hot shots Ember into the turnbuckles and follows with a clothesline. Nia misses a leg drop. Ember with a kick to the head and Ember with a back heel kick and a series of kicks. Ember with a forearm followed by a springboard cross body for a near fall. Ember with a rolling elbow for a near fall.

Nia pushes Ember to the mat and misses a splash. Ember goes to the turnbuckles for a tornado DDT but Nia pushes Ember away. Ember with an enzuigiri and Nia stays on her feet. Nia with a Samoan drop for the three count.

Winner: Nia Jax

After the match, Tamina Snuka makes her way to the ring.

Tamina and Nia stand face to face over Ember. Tamina looks at Ember and so does Nia. Tamina picks up Ember and gets Ember on her shoulders and hits a Samoan drop.

Nia tells Tamina to turn her over and Tamina applies a Boston Crab while Nia hits a series of elbow drops.

Nia and Tamina hug.

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Match Number Five: Nia Jax versus Ember Moon

Ember wtih forearms but Nia pushes her away. Ember with a series of kicks but Nia stays on her feet. Ember with a running back elbow into the corner. Nia stops Ember on the turnbuckels but Ember with elbows. Ember runs into a clothesline. Nia with an elbow drop for a near fall. Nia with a clothesline and bear hug. Nia tosses Ember into the corner and waits for Ember to get up but she misses a shoulder into the corner and Nia hits the ring post shoulder first.

Ember goes up top and sets for a senton onto Nia on the floor. Nia sends Ember back into the ring and…

Tamina Snuka makes her way to the ring. Nia with a double sledge to Ember followed by a leg drop for the three count.

Winner: Nia Jax

After the match, Tamina enters the ring and Tamina smiles and backs away from Nia.

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Battle Royal for a future Championship Match featuring Tamina Snuka, The IIconics, Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, Zelina Vega, Torrie Wilson, Alundra Blayze, Lana, Carmella, Mandy Rose, Asuka, Sonya Deville, Nia Jax, Michelle McCool, Ivory, Molly Holly, Maria Kanellis, Kelly Kelly and more.

The competitors each had their own entrance. They noted it was a big moment for Vega as her father (who passed away on 9/11) used to bring her to the Nassau Coliseum. They showed Miz, Maryse, Mike Kanellis, Jimmy Uso and R-Truth at ringside watching.

The IIconics got to do mic work during their entrance, making fun of Long Island accents. They noted they see some of the greatest who ever laced up the boots and some of their heroes tonight who paved the way. So, they are going to pave the way for them back to obscurity by tossing them back over the top. Everyone grabbed them and tossed them over the top.

The current stars circled around the older names and attacked them. Absolution teamed to eliminate Holly. Zelina tried to toss Maria. Absolution teamed to eliminate Kelly and Wilson. They are doing a nice job spotlighting Deville and Mandy. Rose then turned on her own partner, knocking her off the apron. Blayze was eliminated by Nia. She had just hit a nice double clothesline on Naomi and another talent. Maria tried to take the fight to Nia, and then nailed Tamina in the corner. She nailed a Bronco Buster on Tamina. Jax nailed her with a headbutt and tossed out Maria.

Zelina worked over Tamina in the corner but ate a superkick. Tamina and Jax faced off, then instead attacked everyone else in the ring, teaming together. They then faced off again. Lana got in between them (the second time she set up for that spot, so she was early the first time) and slapped them but ended up tossed. Everyone attacked Tamina and Jax, setting up a multi-person suplex.

Carmella stood above everyone and began dancing, complete with music. Ivory joined her. Mandy grabbed Ivory and tossed her over the top to the apron. Carmella grabbed Rose and tossed her over the top as Ivory pulled the ropes down. Dana Brooke was tossed over by Ember and looked to hit her ribs or her hip hard on the apron. Carmella was worked over on the top rope by McCool. McCool then hit Moon with a big boot. McCool went for the Styles Clash but Moon backdropped her over the top and superkicked her off the apron.

Tamina tossed Naomi over the top as she charged her for a move. Ivory worked over Asuka with a Facebuster. Moon and Jax battled, with Moon nailing a DDT. Carmella and Moon battled. Moon elevated her over the top and drilled her with a forearm, knocking her to the floor.

It came down to Ivory, Asuka, Tamina, Ember and Nia. Ivory was knocked off the top to the apron by Asuka. They battled and Asuka nailed a hip attack to send her to the floor. Asuka and Moon faced off and the place went nuts chanting for NXT. They went back and forth until Asuka got tossed out. Tamina went for a superkick but Moon blocked it. Tamina snatched her and nailed a spinning side slam. Nia went to get involved but Tamina nailed a superkick.

Ember came back and nailed the Eclipse off the top and tossed her over the top.

The final two are Nia and Ember. Moon charged but Jax blasted her down to the mat. The crowd chanted for Ember. She was sent to the apron but grabbed Jax in a submission, pulling her over the ropes. Zelina Vega returned and blasted both, knocking them to the apron and acted like she won, not realizing they didn’t hit the floor. Nia returned, pressed and tossed Vega to the floor, crashing into Tamina, who was still at ringside.

Moon attacked Nia and nailed several clotheslines. Nia came back to wipe her out and tossed Moon over the top.

Your winner, Nia Jax!

Who Is Tamina Snuka?
With a father like WWE Hall of Famer “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, Tamina’s knack for climbing the turnbuckle and punishing her opponents is a nod to the type of dazzling aerial offense her dad made famous. First aligning herself with Jimmy & Jey Uso, she made a literal splash during her WWE debut in May 2010, when she led a top rope assault on “the first family of sports-entertainment,” The Hart Dynasty. Most recently at WWE Battleground, Tamina and Naomi of Team B.A.D. accompanied Sasha Banks in the Divas revolution Triple Threat Match. Team B.A.D. clashed against Team PCB and Team Bella in a Three-Team Elimination Match at SummerSlam, but Becky Lynch scored the win for her squad. Alongside Naomi and Banks, Tamina is proving time and time against that she is a true force to be reckoned with.
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Date: November 12, 2018
Recap: Tamina Snuka hit the Superfly Splash to defeat Ember Moon. Later on that night, Alexa Bliss named Tamina as one of the members of Team RAW at WWE Survivor Series.
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